My name is Dan Hogan and I am your Libertarian candidate for United States Congress for the 6th District of Missouri. It has become more and more obvious that the current two party system isn't working and that our country is in great need of change. The two major parties can't seem to work together, and even more disturbing, just seem unwilling to do so. 
     It is time that we put people in office who have experience working with others in order to achieve a common goal...a better future for Americans everywhere. Please take the time to read through my website, and don't forget to vote!
Please note that this will campaign will not be accepting donations
from  ANY  source.

Instead of helping to build the coffers of politicians and campaigns, I ask that you
donate any money you would have given to this, or any political campaign, to a more
worthy and noble cause. Pick your favorite charity!

Let's help to build a better America by actually working to help others.